I made a three tiered, strawberry shortcake today. I didn’t think it’d turn out great, but it had taken so much work that I inevitably had my hopes up. If you’ve ever been around “true” Asians, you’ll know what I mean when I say that they can be brutally honest. They won’t bat an eye when they tell you you’ve gained weight. They won’t hold back when they think you could do better. Well, my family had some close friends over today. We’re all Asian. I brought out the cake, and it looked wonderful. But as soon as they took a bite, they all had something to say. “I think the cake is a little dry.” “I think the frosting could be fluffier.” “I think the filling could be less rich.”

I get it. I get that it’s not perfect, and that you guys are just giving me pointers to help me improve. But c’mon! I’m not a professional baker. I didn’t exactly ask for a critique. I just presented something I made so that we could all enjoy it.

Sometimes I really appreciate the honesty that comes from these individuals. But other times? I really wish they could adopt more of the American culture and just tell me that it’s great. Swallow that dry, un-fluffy, too-rich cake down your goddamn throat. Ya? Ya.

(I’ve been more negative lately.)